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Are you an expat living in the UAE with real estate investments? Rule out the dire consequences that can arise if you meet your end, without a Will.

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About Just Wills

Just Wills is the first independent will writing company to offer Professional Will Writing services for expats residing in the UAE. We help expats in planning ahead for the disposal of their assets held in the Emirates and in their home country.
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Drafting a Will whilst alive is the most essential part of being responsible towards your family. Just Wills strongly supports succession planning in UAE. Our on-board Succession planners, legal consultants and probate solicitors are always ready to guide you & consult you about how to keep your moveable or immovable assets secure. Start your succession planning in GCC with Just Wills today.

If you are an expat residing in UAE with real estate investments then, it becomes absolutely necessary for you to have an expat Will in UAE. Eliminate those dreadful consequences that will/may arise for your family to face when you are gone, without a Will. As Wills specialists in UAE, we provide professional Will writing services for expatriates residing in UAE.

While writing Wills for expats in UAE we always say to our clients that, a Will does not only covers the aspects of succession planning and safeguarding your assets but also protects your loved ones.

As an Expat Resident, Why it is mandatory for me to have Wills in UAE/GCC ?

As per the Inheritance Laws in UAE/Abu Dhabi, either you are an expat or investor in UAE, you do possess the right to have the last Will and testament prepared as per your desires by registered Wills Draftsman or any Wills specialists in UAE.

If an expat dies without a will in UAE, the UAE courts will make the distribution of your estate as per the Sharia Law. The wills for expats in UAE is the document that assures favorable distribution of your estate.

What actually happens if you pass away without Wills in UAE/GCC ?

  • All the bank accounts are frozen immediately (Single/Joint).
  • All dependent visas are cancelled including children.
  • Local Law will/may apply to the distribution of the estate, which may be unfavorable as per your point of view.
  • Children may end up receive nothing.
  • Life Policies & EOS benefits can be passed onto your estate instead to your family.
  • Any other Investments can be frozen/delayed
  • Family arguments within the Estate.
  • Ex Partners (husband/wife) can stake a claim in your estate.
  • Tax Man can have up to 40%+ of your money (Applies to countries where IHT is applicable).

On the flip side of a coin having a Will in UAE will always put you on the positive side, getting a Will written in UAE comes with the following benefits

  • Less time taken by the court in the distribution of your estate
  • Your wishes will be accepted with regard as per your will in Abu Dhabi and Doha/Qatar in the UAE
  • You will rule the decision of your estate inheritance
  • Gratuity/End of service benefits/Workman compensation
  • Benefits of life insurance policies can be passed on to desired people
  • Life Policies can be passed to the people of your choice
  • Any and all Investments can pass to the people of your choice
  • No chance of family arguments everyone knows what they will have
  • Block your ex-partners with an exclusion clause
  • Freedom to make a special provision for children from any previous marriage
  • Make a (Hibba) Gift of money to a family member e.g. your parent
  • Choose your own trustworthy executors
  • Protect and safeguard your children with temporary & permanent guardian


Just Wills ?

As per the latest GCC statistics, 2 out of 3 people do not have a Will in UAE, that is the reason why every year, millions of dollars stays unclaimed in the banks since the owner is dead and there is no will.

Our work speaks for us, we are the first Will drafting company in the GCC

  • Just Wills was the first Will drafting Company in the GCC
  • We possess a full Will Drafting Licence (first one ever of its kind)
  • Just Wills offers complete end to end service including execution Service
  • Awqaaf appreciation (Islamic Affairs Department)
  • We understand the Islamic Law of Inheritance
  • Drafting of worldwide Wills (Subject to your personal status)
  • Registered with the Institute of Professional Will Writers
  • It’s been 20 years since we have been offering Will writing services in UAE

We offer professional Will writing services in Middle East at competitive prices

  • Wills (Single and Mirror)
  • Will And Estate Planning
  • Power of Attorney
  • Advance Directives/Living Wills
  • Hiba (Lifetime Gift)
  • PRO Services

No matter where you are from, you could be a British/INDIAN expat residing in UAE or a Muslim expat living in UK, you can expect us to help you out.

We are professionals when it comes to

Will for British in UAE

Wills for Muslims in GCC

Shariah Wills

Getting a Will written in UAE is quite a simple process, book your appointment today with us and our on-board experienced lawyers will step forward to Draft.


Read what our clients have to say about us.

Alok Khanna

" It was nice working with you and I appreciate your professionalism and straightforward attitude. I am very pleased with the outcome and will recommend you to as many friends as I can . "

Bhavtik Vallabhjee

I was referred to Just Wills (UAE) by the biggest personal financial advisory firm in the UAE and one of the most prominent regional banks in the UAE. I can now see why! I have found Mohammed Marria to be extremely conversant with the local Sharia Laws, the process & formalities involved in drawing-up expediting a Will in the UAE. Not to mention Just Wills service that is second to none. This gave me the peace of mind that as an expat, in the event of my untimely death, I know my financial affairs would be taken care of my family safeguarded.

Thank you Mohammad & Just Wills.

Michael McMullen

“I would highly recommend Mohammad's expert advice on Estate planning. All to often we over look this vital area especially those persons living in the U.A.E. It's very important to have all these documents in place and up to date at all times and I can personally recommend Mohammad and his company for a complete professional package.

Mudasir Ali Shah

“I had the pleasure of dealing with Mohammad and he is a true credit to any organization. He was friendly, communicative and very helpful every step of the way and nothing was too much trouble to ask. He definitely went the extra mile for my clients and for that I am very grateful. Cheers Mudasir Ali Shah”.

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