About Us

We have over 20 years of consultancy
experience in this area of business.

Just Wills is the first independent will writing company to offer Professional Will Writing services for expats residing in the UAE. We help expats in planning ahead for the disposal of their assets held in the Emirates and in their home country.

Just Wills is part of the Just Wills Group Plc, the largest independent Estate Planning Group in the UK.

Our team of experts are qualified and experienced to guide you through the mountainous and often tedious task of writing your will. They will help you in drafting legally standing wills in both Arabic and English. They will work on your instructions to see that your estate is disbursed according to your wishes. Have complete peace of mind as you know that your family and loved ones will be taken care of and will benefit from your lifetime of hard work.

All our experts are based in UAE and we can create your will in the shortest possible time window. Backed by the largest Estate Planning Organization in the UK, we can also avail the best possible legal and professional advice.

You can trust us completely as we have an outstanding commitment to secrecy and integrity and always place the greatest importance on open lines of communications.

We also have an umbrella of Professional Indemnity Insurance to protect your personal interests.

Why Just Wills

Our expertise & experience in the field set us apart from the rest. We are one of the pioneers in drafting expatriate Wills in the UAE and first Company in UAE to offer a complete Will Writing Services. Just Wills is also part of the largest Estate Planning Organization in the UK.

Being an Islamic country, UAE follows Islamic Shariah Law, which is complex and can be confusing to non Muslims. Just Wills has an in-depth understanding of these laws and the Home Laws of most countries allowing us to offer superior Will writing services.

Just Will is the first company in the UAE that has been awarded the license for Will writing services, which includes Succession Planning.

We offer comprehensive Will writing services including notarization (approved by the courts).

Just Wills offers Professional Executorship Services. The clients can thus have complete peace of mind as we can also take care of the Will execution.

First company to receive a certificate from the Islamic Affairs Division to draft Wills for Muslims.

Our team of experts can help you draft legally standing Wills in both Arabic & English languages.

Our strict quality standards and ethical values coupled with years of legal experience help us to meet your needs in disposing your property in a way that coincides with your wishes.

We are governed by outstanding commitment to secrecy and integrity that our profession demands and always exalt the importance of sincere communication and information sharing.

We employ a dedicated court liaison for all Will matters and employ full time lawyers on our team.

You also have the umbrella of Professional Indemnity Insurance to protect your personal interests.

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